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Children & Family Services
Love your Family
Our visions

‘Happy children.A caring family.Be self-reliant’ is the ultimate goal we strive to attain. We care about children development, help families maintain a loving relationship and support families affected by domestic violence; we work closely with different sectors of the community to promote family harmony while caring for the community.

Our services

We care about personal development and help improve married couples and family relationship to strengthen the function of family; provide quality child education to offer children a joyous learning environment and attain a balanced development; collaborate with different sectors to support parents in facilitating their children’s holistic growth; promote the message of ‘no domestic violence’ to the public and help with family crisis to protect and support affected children and families. We also make good use of social resources to help individual and families in disadvantaged circumstances; propagate ‘love your family’ and work together with the community at large to build a loving family for everyone.

Our works

My Kid is Going to Primary School

With the programme ‘My Kid is Going to Primary School’, we collaborate with kindergartens in the neighbourhood to prepare K3 students and their parents with potential issues and changes when going to primary school. Besides helping parents to embrace the individuality of their children and thus adjusting their expectations and pressure, we also enable children to savour their lives and equip them with problem-solving skills through various activities and games. Programmes include parents’ talks, plant adoptions and growing, parents and children group as well as outdoor family activities.

‘Stop Verbal Abuse First’ programme

Although verbal abuse is invisible, the trauma it brings is hard to bear. Therefore, we are launching ‘Stop Verbal Abuse First’ programme from September 2017 to August 2018. Creative rendering of the harmful effects caused by verbal abuse will be shown to deepen the public understanding and precautions of verbal violence and to uphold ‘love your family’ value to build a harmonious family.

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