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Innovation and concerted effort are integral to effective people-centric service

Kwok Lit-tung, JP
CFSC Chief Executive

Christian Family Service Centre (CFSC) is a nonprofit social service organisation rooted in Hong Kong for over 63 years.

For many years, CFSC is deeply connected and affectively tied with this city and its people. We keep pace with Hong Kong’s development and spearhead innovation in areas of social services, medical and health services, and environmental protection.

Hong Kong has now become a world-class metropolis, sharing the dazzling charm as well as the complexity of other similar global cities, yet having its own unique history and heritage. People living in this city come across both opportunities and challenges every day and are inevitably in need of services and support in different areas.

The purpose for CFSC’s existence is to provide appropriate social services to support the people of Hong Kong to improve their living and to strive for building better lives and better families. We believe that individual well-beings are grounded in social advancement and cannot be separated from civic civilization. Therefore, apart from serving individuals, the services of CFSC also target to nurture a friendly community, to safeguard a fair society and to make our globe more sustainable. We committed to include these new values and aspects in the service positioning and work plans. To ensure effectiveness in continuing our people-centred services under the new positioning, we reply heavily on service innovation and the belief in the collective effort and team work.

The future city is in the hands of everybody, including you and me. CFSC is extending its invitation to invite you, through innovation and collaboration, to joint-handedly co-creating a future city that we love to stay!

Make a difference
Together we change

We adhere to our ‘people-centric’ and ‘community-based’ philosophy to provide diversified services and activities and take an active role in building our current and future city.

7 June 2017 | Events
經驗分享會:在社福界如何面對未來環保減廢政策 – 都市固體廢物收費的推行

日期: 2017年6月7日(星期三)
時間: 2:30pm (登記接待) / 3:00pm – 5:30pm (經驗分享會)
地點: 觀塘翠屏道3號基督教家庭服務中心一樓禮堂 (觀塘地鐵站D1出口)
對象: 社會服務界別、地區團體、學校

26 May 2017 | Events
「未來城市 城市未來」展覽

(繁體) 日期:2017年5月26日(星期五)
地點:基督教家庭服務中心總部愛心廣場 – 觀塘翠屏道3號

29 April 2017 | Events
“The Future is NOW” Forum

Topic 1. 「透視未來‧選舉後的香港」
Topic 2. 「新世代‧香港人」
Date: 2017/4/29 (Sat)
Time: 3:00 – 5:30pm
Venue: Auditorium, 3 Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon